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Frequently asked questions about MSRedux

"What if I don't see what I need?"

Follow our easy-to-use Specification Builder to request a quote. You'll be asked some questions, and you may want to upload a sketch of the layout of graphs and tables that you are looking for.

"So how does the design of a new report really work?"

"Will it print right to my printer?"

Yes, you'll be able to configure a printer for automatic printing. All MSRedux printer drivers do this.

"Can I integrate this into my robotics control software?

Yes, so an MSRedux printer driver can execute one per sample, automatically. MSRedux-XI is an example.

"Do I have to export the data to ascii?"

No, not at all. We analyze the raw LC/MS data files acquired by your analyzer.

"How do you get information like instrument polarity?"

We read the instrument-created data files. These contain all information regarding polarity, calibration, and everything else.

"What if I have need, but it isn't for my DART data?"

We are happy to help, regardless of the ion source.

"What if I have mass spec data AND some other kind of data?"

We have written a printer driver for mass spec AND liquid scintillation data. We're confident that we can handle what you throw at us.

"I don't have all year..."

Most of our drivers are written in under a calendar week.

"I'm not made of money?"

MSRedux products will fit in your budget.

"Is there a charge for additional licenses?"

Yes, but it is a small fraction of the first-license charge, and then it gets even cheaper with bulk licensing.

"Can we talk to your customers?"

Sure can. Just ask and we'll pass along some names of customers who have agreed to give testimonials.

"How do I learn more?"

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