BioAnalyte: your data, your choice

What happens next?

  1. Get clarification/quote for your custom MSRedux™ Decision Driver

    1. You fill out and submit the Specification Builder form
    2. We review your specification.
    3. We contact you for clarification.
    4. Pricing is provided based on this review.
      • Existing format program ~$2,000.
      • Custom format maximum ~$4,000.
  2. Order your MSRedux™ Device Driver

    1. You provide a P.O. for the evaluation version.
    2. You provide test data.
  3. BioAnalyte will:

    1. Set up an account for you to test the software at
    2. Develop and send an evaluation version.
  4. You evaluate the MSRedux™ Decision Driver

    1. You review, test and accept.
    2. The initial license is single-user.
    3. Volume and site licensing are also available.


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